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"Gina has been my trainer for some time now, initially helping me to achieve a higher standard of fitness, but which has also helped me to become more flexible, have higher energy levels and I sleep better. More recently this has been invaluable in helping me through a period of stress caused by ill-health."

- Peter Jones, Company Director

"Gina really motivates me to actually move and use my body which in turn makes me feel great especially when I see the results. Like many people I would prefer to take the easy path and just hope to get fit, whilst lying on the couch but Gina makes it fun and worth while during her coaching sessions.
Whatever makes a great trainer, Gina has it by the bucket load and then wisely rewards me with a relaxing body massage to end the session. Now that's what I call intelligent training!"

- Lorraine Henley, Image Consultant

"I have been training with Gina now for over two years, she has really helped me take my physical fitness to a much greater level than I first hoped for, given my hectic schedule. Through Gina's advice and regular training sessions I have been able to maintain good levels of fitness and feel it will remain part of my life."

- Peter Hill, Chief Executive